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Last comments - 2021 DREAM JOURNAL
10 Oct 2021 3 October 15th 17684 I can see Brians face ...10/13/21 at 15:19JEisenhart: May I see the redaction please?
6 Oct 2021 6 She loves you...10/08/21 at 02:50Ella: The upper left drawing is a crossroads, and to the...
4 Oct 2021 1 December 24th winning USA MegaMillions lottery numbers from Jesus? numbers are 8 29 13 18 28 and the bonus is 18 - If you win, suggest some of your winnings go to a church of your choosing even if you don't believe in Jesus, like me.10/07/21 at 02:18Ella: Brian - the word Revelation is right about 18:13. ...
3 Oct 2021 4 Jill Casey - numbers...10/06/21 at 09:02Melly: Wow! Jill Casey DeSantis birthday is 6/26/80
11 Sept 2021 5 oz lottery...10/01/21 at 04:03delfi888: More info please
25 Sept 2021 4 Brian Laundrie, this is her and she made him do it - tried to make her fall - space blanket missing from first aid kit - letters - maybe initials...09/29/21 at 01:12Ella: The woman in the drawing looks like this photo of...
23 Sept 2021 6 Numbers - phone is under here CCTV09/29/21 at 00:32Ella: Is this the stream near where her body was found. ...
25 Sept 2021 5 Sky is falling...09/29/21 at 00:04Ella: In the "Sky is Falling" drawing, I keep ...
15 Sept 2021 2 This is him...09/16/21 at 16:52Melly: This looks like Brian Laundrie, is this dream rela...
10 Sept 2021 3 Britney Spears dies in crash - it was paid murder by this man...09/14/21 at 06:54Melly: That looks like her father
6 Sept 2021 4 Names and numbers, in order 1-28 eight seems to be important for some reason, assuming lottery numbers again...09/13/21 at 17:43hermesatar: EuroMillions 10 September 2021 - "1 6 ...
21 August 2021 3 Not sure what this is...08/23/21 at 16:21marstrig: Raging tooth pain
8 August 2021 3 Not sure what this is...08/10/21 at 17:13jinjo39: Looks like a wormhole.
3 August 2021 4 Look for this to show up in your life?08/06/21 at 03:08jinjo39: The night before you posted this picture, I was go...
29 July 2021 5 Aug? July 31 5206823035 Judges 14:7 9 Brian Jesus Is Real For Me I Think - Aug? July 31 5206823035 Judg...07/31/21 at 17:35brianjuly21: St. İstopher Catholic Church Arizona,Marana, Catho...
18 June 2021 5 Summer Wells Found Shoes Her Shoes Will Be Used In Court To Prove This Is Not An Accident - Summer Wells...07/12/21 at 16:41DramaOnStage: I don't understand how to use this site
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